Stromae the 'Poster Boy for Multicultural Europe' Performs in Chicago

stromae Chicago concert

To the delight of thousands of youths in Chicago, Belgian hip hop and electronic dance music star Stromae brought his Belgian pop music to Chicago. Stromae performed to a sold out crowd at the Riviera Theatre concert venue on September 21, 2015. The crowd was as diverse as Chicago with some carrying German flags, Brazilian flags and one sign read 'Nous Stromae' to mean 'We love Stromae.'

Watch the highlights from the concert at the Riviera Theatre.

Although majority of his songs are in French with a few in Spanish, the crowd sang along to all of the songs as if it was their native language. His most popular songs are "Papaoutai" (Father Where are You), "Formidable"(Wonderful), "Tous les Memes"( Everyone's the Same), "Alors On Danse" (And so we Dance), "Te Quiero" (Spanish meaning I want You) and "Ave Cesaria" (A Song dedicated to Cesaria Evora, a popular singer from Cape Verde).

Stromae Chicago German fans

In a 2015 article, media Al Jazeera called Stromae 'the poster boy for multicultural Europe.' Stromae was born in Belgium to a Belgian mother and Rwandan father. Like his origins, Stromae's band members are culturally diverse and represent Italy, Mexico, and Belgium among others. Read more about Stromae on Unieros.

Stromae and his band

Stromae is at the top French artist currently and has gained millions of fans worldwide since 2010 debut album called "Cheese." In Chicago, fans discovered the Belgian artist through a variety of ways. One person discovered him through an Afro punk festival while another discovered him through Belgian children living in Chicago.

Stromae Chicago fans

Regardless of how they found out about Stromae his jam packed concert with highly engaged youth shows Stromae's rising star is crossing the pond in coming to America.