Unieros and Its Culture of Diversity

Unieros culture and diversity

Miriam Webster Dictionary named ‘culture’ 2014 word of the year. They cited popularity of the word culture in a variety of usages in society. Namely people speak about the "culture of transparency" , "consumer culture” and in broad terms such as "celebrity culture" or "winning culture.”

In Unieros we use ‘culture’ in our mission to ‘celebrate culture and diversity.’ We use the word more specifically by adding ‘multi’ to showcase the many cultures that our friends represent. In our usage, ‘culture’ describes how we showcase the music, food, film, customs, and literature of our friends who represent different countries from around the world.

Unieros multicultural are events attended by people from Africa, Asian, Caribbean, Europe Latin America, United States and South America in addition to Native Americans. Unieros website lists ethnic events in Chicago that represent the people’s music, film, art, and food. Our blog posts are focused primarily on highlighting the culture.

Here are some of our past events and blog postings illustrate how we celebrate culture and diversity of Unieros.

Diwali Celebrated in Chicago

The Symbolism of Thai Wedding Fashion

Italian Blues Meet Luca Giordano

Black History and Influential People Around the World

French Culture: Meet Sebastien

Meet Mwai from Malawi

IS Unieros Culture for you? UNIEROS IS FOR YOU IF YOU

  • Want to meet people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Want to share your culture with others
  • Are tired of socializing in homogeneous environments
  • Enjoy working on teams with people who come from different cultural backgrounds
  • Are open minded to learning about world culture
  • Understand we don't live in a post racial society
  • Want to be the change you hope to see in the world
  • Want to be a positive force in the world
  • You believe in 'one love'- we different but the same
  • You are passionate about making meaningful connections with people
  • You understand traveling, eating ethnic food, or listening to world music is great but creating genuine multicultural friendships better

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