Festival Review: Latino Cultures Unite at Festival Cubano in Chicago

Festival Cubano Chicago
Festival Cubano food

Everyone is Cuban for a day when they attend Festival Cubano in Chicago. Despite of the roots in celebrating Cuban music and heritage, the festival now in its 7th year is a melting pot of Latinos from countries like Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

"I think this is a great event that brings all the Latinos together under one umbrella," Milly Santiago, Chicago Alderman of the 31st Ward. "The umbrella is of a culture, about music, about heritage, and about being part of this great city."

The three day festival held August 12-14 in Riis Park on Chicago's West Side, is the work of festival organizers and its dedicated Alderman Ariel E. Reboyras.

"It's family event and we love this because it brings everybody together. All cultures, all lives, and all entities together," said Alderman Reboyras.

Attendees enjoy carnival rides, camel rides, and variety of foods and drinks for Latin American countries. Highlight of the festival are the lineup of musicians and bands that perform. In 2016, Elvis Crespo, singer of the famous song "Suavemente" performed on Saturday night.

Watch video highlights from the Elvis Crespo concert.

Participating restaurants at Festival Cubano include, 90 Miles Cuban Restaruant that provided signature Cuban foods such as roast pig, rice, chicken, and plaintain (arroz con pollo y maduro).

Vendors included hand-rolled Cuban cigars and plenty restaurants serving Puertorican rice, sausages and meats.

Festival Cubano is a must-do event every August in Chicago to enjoy many Latino cultures in one place.

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