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Jamaica: Blog Series About local Jamaican life and culture

Roadside vendors in Ocho Rios Jamaica

Welcome to our Jamaica blog post series that showcase Jamaican culture. During this series of posts, you will find photos and videos from our travels throughout Jamaican cities and towns. We will share information about Jamaican food, music, people, and events to give you a sense of local Jamaican life.

A bit about the Jamaican language

As an introduction to Jamaican culture, the first thing to know is that Jamaicans speak English. Their English is a patois, a dialect that sounds different from English.  To assist with your understanding, the common Jamaican patois phrases and the English translation are below. The patois is written as it sounds.

Common phrases in Jamaican patois

Yah mon – yes

No star – No man

Mi a big man/woman – I’m a grown up

Naah sah – no way

Mi a come – I’m coming

Gyal – girl

A weh you a talk bout – What are you talking about

Mi nuh know about you – I don’t know about you

Bawl living eye water – cry

Mi nuh trust dem – I don’t trust them

Mi nah guh dweet –  I’m not going to do it

Mi nah lie – I’m not lying

Nah nuh sense – Don’t make any sense

Him rough ar up – discipline her

Weh yuh deh? – Where are you?

Mi a wondah – I’m wondering

Hol ahn – Hold on, wait

Nuh ramp wid me – Don’t play with me

Nuh worry yuhself – Don’t worry

Stay tuned for more in this Jamaican blog series

In upcoming blogs, you will see videos about Jamaican food, music, people, and events. Be sure to listen to these Jamaican patois phrases as they will help you understand more about the culture.

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