Christmas Traditions Around the World

Merry Christmas! Buon Natale! Wesotych Swiat!
Craciun Fericit! Feliz Natal! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel!

The Christmas holidays are filled with traditional songs and carols. Enjoy Unieros video playlist Christmas Songs from around the World. The holiday songs range from Romanian, Italian, Polish, and Jamaican reggae tunes.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition for Christmas? Watch the videos to see how people in other countries celebrate Christmas.


Italian Christmas – Buon Natale!
1. Christmas Eve is Italians abstain from eating meat and choose fish. Il capitone is a dish made with fried eels
2. Christmas day Italians enjoy a lengthy lunch called ‘il pranzo’
3. Italian Christmas carol called ‘Astro del Ciel’ (Star of the Sky) song in the┬ásame tune as Silent Night.

Jamaican Christmas – Reggae Merry Christmas
1. Jamaicans serve tasty sorrel drink mixture of rum, sorrel, and ginger
2. Junkanoo parade on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day (January 1) People dress up in colorful masques and costumes
3. Listen to the traditional Christian carols like Silent Night, O’ Come All Ye Faithful is put to a reggae beat.

Los Posados Mexican Christmas – Feliz Navidad
1. No presents given on Christmas Day but on “Dia de los Santos Reyes Magos (Six days after New Year’s Day)
2. Noche Buena (December 24) the nine days before is called ‘Novena’ where children walk the streets singing Mexican Christmas songs carrying lit candles and holding statues of both Mary and Joseph.
3. Las Posadas, nine consecutive days of candlelight processions and lively parties starting December 16

Romanian Christmas Carols Romanian Christmas – La multi ani
1. Festivities December 24 to January 7
2. Children go from house to house singing Christmas carols
3. New Year’s Day custom of ‘sorcova’ where a small stick is decorated with artificial flowers. Romanians use sorcova to touch the elders and wish them happy new year in many ways like
‘Merry sorcova’, ‘long may you live’…
Poland Food Christmas tradition
1. Polish Folklore states that animals can talk on Christmas Eve.
2. Girls who grind poppy seed on Christmas Eve hope for quick marriage
3. Poles serve 12 meatless courses. One for each Apostle. Carp fish is the traditionally eaten during Polish Christmas.