Creative Ethnic Holiday Gift Ideas For Multicultural Minds

The holidays in December are synonymous with gift giving. From Hannukah, and Christmas to Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Day, there are plenty opportunities to give creative holiday gifts. For multicultural enthusiasts below are some ethnic gift ideas that you can give to express your love for world cultures.


clay charm
Clay necklace charm

1. Gift Made of Clay
Clays are a universal material that artists across the world use to create beautiful objects like pots, jewelry, and sculptures. Originating in Greek culture, clay objects are dominant in cultures like China, Mayan, Japanese and Korean cultures. A clay charm jewelry piece is a great gift idea for a loved one. You can choose from many designers who custom create jewelry pieces that can be meaningful gifts to give.

wood carved utensils
Wood carved utensils

2. Hand Carved Wood Gift
Immediate thought of wooden objects carved with ornate designs evokes respect for craftsmanship. Similar to clay, wood carving is an ancient art form that originated with the Egyptians. Countries in Africa like Ghana and Ivory Coast have excelled at creating hand-carved masks, wooden canes, and even utensils. Check out this set hand carved utensil set. Wooden gifts make great keepsakes.

Kente Cloth design from Ghana
Kente Cloth pattern from Ghana

3. Gift Made of Fabric
African kente cloth, tribal Atztec woven cloths, Bolivian, Peruvian hand- made fabrics are just a few options when it comes to giving gifts made of fabrics. The selections are endlessly beautiful and colorful. You can find bags, home decor items, even jewelry gifts made with fabric designs from East, West, North and South. Kente cloth for example, carry meaning in their woven patterns.

Turkish scarf gift idea
Turkish scarf


4. Practical Gifts
Holiday gifts can also be practical and meet a need. Simple stocking stuffer practical gifts can include the socks, winter hats, scarves, and gloves.

Chinese Bamboo Steamer
Chinese Bamboo Steamer

5. Gifts For Ethnic Dining
Giving gadgets as gifts can fulfill the need and also the want that many recipients have. These gifts include accessories for tech items and accessories that go along. Some cool gadget gifts are bamboo steamer that is a great gift for food lovers. For the tech gadget person on your list, phone accessories cases with ethnic designs are a good way to show off

The gifts you give this holiday are a great way to share your love and respect for ethnic culture. And remember the best gift of all is the gift of yourself.

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