dobet gnahore

Dobet Gnahore Entertaining Performance in Chicago

World music entertainer and vocalist Dobet Gnahore from Cote de Voire (Ivory Coast) performed in Chicago at Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago.

Dobet Gnahore Band

She sang songs  in French and tribal about Africa, traditions she learned from her  ancestors. The songs ranged from melodic tunes that highlighted her vocal talents to upbeat dance songs that she danced to in high heels.

Watch her preformance of “Cote de Voire” a song about her homeland the Ivory Coast.

Gnahore’s band included a lead guitarist, bass guitar and drummer. The audience clapped along and repeated their call and response sounds.

Born in the Ivory Coast in 1982, Ghnahore has performed worldwide. She performed in Chicago during a three week US Tour. Local NPR station WBEZ and the Old Town School of Folk music presented Dobet Ghnahore concert in Chicago.

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