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Finding International Community in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is Georgia’s oldest city founded in 1733 by James Oglethorpe who arrived in the city from Britain, to establish a new colony for British empire. Today Savannah is a mix of old history and new modern Southern style. The city is known for its tree-lined square parks surrounded by historic sites attract 3 million tourists from all parts of the world.

World Flags on Buildings

House in Savannah displays flags of Colombia, Poland, United States and Switzerland.

Finding places with an international vibe around Savannah is easy. Walking through the historic district streets one will see a variety of world flags on display on homes and businesses. In Savannah’s historic district, one can find world flags including Colombia, Great Britain, Poland, Ireland and Ukraine flag on display.

Savannah Historic District

Watch below video a drive through video highlighting some of Savannah’s Historic District. The video includes drive through Forsyth Park, Bull Street, Basilica of St John the Baptist among other Savannah tourist attractions. Along the way, plenty of world flags are visible on Savannah’s historic homes.

Video drive through Savannah Georgia Historic District

Ethnic Food Trucks and Restaurants

Another way to find international culture in Savannah is by searching for food trucks. Savannah has several ethnic food trucks that offer authentic foods from diverse cultures. Some include Jamaican Spice serve authentic Caribbean foods like curried chicken, rice and peas, fried sweet plantains. The British street food truck, Pie Society that serves British signature food fish and chips, Thai Food truck and Cuban Window to name a few.

Savannah British themed bar

In addition, several restaurants in Savannah serve foods representing world cuisine. For example, Mo’Bay, a Jamaican & American restaurant in Pooler, a community just outside of Savannah. In downtown Savannah on the main street Brought, one can find Naan restaurant offering Indian cuisine and Circa 1875 offering French fare.

Savannah International Festivals and Celebrations

Savannah’s international festivals include its annual Savannah Greek Festival, Savannah Asian Festival, and in 2022 Unieros brought the Jamaican Independence Day Celebration to Savannah, Georgia.

Unieros is to share and celebrate cultural diversity in Savannah and beyond. Join us for next gathering of international like-minded people from around the world who now called Savannah home.