Hip Cafes in Kingston Jamaica 2023

In the bustling city of Kingston, Jamaica there are plenty of entertainment and music events to attend but there are also cafes where you can visit to meet up with friends, have a latte or do remote work. Some of the cafes on our list even offer music and dance classes.

We’ve highlighted some of the Kingston cafes city tourists will likely enjoy for their excellent features.

Video walkthrough of trendy cafes in Kingston, Jamaica

Cafe Blue

cafe blue kingston coffee
Blue Mountain coffee at Cafe Blue in Kingston, Jamaica

Cafe Blue is like the Starbucks of Jamaica due to its multiple locations throughout Kingston and the country. Due to its large presence, Cafe Blue is a must-visit for coffee lovers, remote workers, and anyone who enjoys cafe culture. 

Each location has a unique layout and decor including signature polished wood tables and benches that appear to be sliced from tree trunks for a stylish modern rustic decor. Cafe Blue prices are reasonable, and for about $1700 JMD one can get a latte and omelet breakfast served on Jamaican bread.

100% Jamaican-owned cafe

Cafe Blue is proud to be 100% Jamaican-owned. The Jamaican couple who founded the cafe, harvest the coffee beans from a family-owned farm in the  Blue Mountain. The most unique location is the one in the hills 30-minute drive from downtown Kingston. Their outdoor patio overlooks a lush hill vista with chirping birds, and street sounds combined for a breath-taking visual and audio experience. A full-service restaurant called Crystal Edge shares space with the cafe and offers authentic Jamaican breakfast and lunch. 


Ragamuffin Hostel and Coffee Bar in Kingston, Jamaica

Located on a main street in Kingston, Ragamuffin provides an air-conditioned space to stop in and enjoy a meeting with friends. Its tables are mostly seating four or more people along with few options for two people and singles. The brown and black color scheme and wood tables give the cafe an eco-friendly modern feel.

On the menu are coffees, mixed drinks, beer, and food like all-day breakfast and burgers.  The music range from ska, the original form of reggae to reggaeton. 

No strangers, only friends

When you enter, the cafe invites you in with a huge William Butler quote plastered on its entry wall, “There are no strangers in the world only friends we haven’t met yet”. At the back wall of the cafe, a curtained entry on the back wall of the cafe leads to the restrooms and the Ragamuffin hostel lobby. The cafe hosts events for customers and hostel guests such as salsa dance classes. 

Customers can sign up for Ragamuffin cafe events using QR code posted throughout. Another cool factor of this cafe is outside there is a tiny birdhouse where the community can donate or take non-perishable food items.


Jacana cafe in Kingston, Jamaica

A cannabis-inspired coffee shop is one of the newest coffee houses in Kingston. It is located in a shopping mall in heart of the business district near Knutsford Boulevard. It is a good cafe to do computer work as it was fairly quiet inside.

Plenty Love

Jacana’s decor is simply modern and clean.  A glowing sign against a backdrop of greenery reads “Plenty Love” which adds to the welcoming atmosphere. Next door to the cafe, customers can purchase medical cannabis and products such as CBD oils, CBD butter, and massage oils.

Dub Wise Cafe

Dubwise Cafe in Kingston, Jamaica

Located behind the Kaya Herb House, Dub Wise Cafe is a hidden gem of a cafe for visitors seeking a Rastafarian cafe. The cafe offers a variety of Rasta-based ital foods such as SIP, a hot soup. Large sound system speakers playing a variety of roots reggae music attract customers to the outdoor cafe.

Dub School

On select days, the cafe hosts Dub School, an event where guests enjoy dub reggae performances and DJ music. The space is beautifully created with the signature rasta colors green, yellow, and red. Wooden tables have dominoes and Ludi boards for customers to play Jamaican board games.

This list of Kingston cafes is one to include in your itinerary when visiting Kingston. They offer a great way to enjoy Kingston, Jamaica like a local Kingstonian.

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