Staddaday interview

Interview: Rasta Reggae Artist Staddaday

If I could tell the story of Kingston, Jamaica, it would be through its reggae music. Reggae music is native to the land due to the Rastafarians like infamous reggae musician Bob Marley.

I visited a Kingston music studio and interviewed one Rasta reggae artist by the name of Staddaday. He talked  his latest music, Rasta spirituality and hope for the country of Jamaica.

Reggae music is rooted from the struggles of people. Economically, Jamaica is a developing country and former colony of the British empire. It gained independence in 1962 but has struggled to thrive economically. Reggae music artists have been the mouth piece for the downtrodden in Jamaica. One of Staddaday’s song called “Ghetto Youths Be Free” is a direct call out to political leaders who he believes lack the concern for the poor. In the song, he hopes young people will search for deeper meaning in their life to think more about the community.

“Rasta is love and unity,” said Staddaday

He hopes people will find peace, love, and themselves through meditating on the music.

Watch the full interview below featuring his popular song “Jah Love Cover Me.”

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