Ethnic Comfort Cuisine for Winter

With colder weather nothing warms the soul like a good meal washed down with good beverages. Here are some hearty ethnic cuisine you may want to taste.

Pho soup

Asian Soups
Pho – Vietnamese soup is prepared with beef broth variety and plenty fresh sprouts, mint leaves, slices of jalepeno peppers and fresh lime seems to clear sinuses.

Tom Yum – Thai
Hot, tangy, sour spiced the Thai tom yum soup is an acquired taste. Usually served with mushrooms and meat of choice.

Udon Noodle – Japanese
Similar to pho, the Japanese Udon noodles are thick succulent and served in hot broth.

Caribbean/Indian/South American Appetizers
Indian Samosa, Jamaican pattie, Colombian Empanada look the same with their fried golden crusty dough. Inside these treats you can find a combination of ground meats and vegetables in the samosas.


Spanish entree
Like the American Jambalaya dish, the Spanish paella slow cooked rice mixed with varieties of seafood such as squid, shrimp, octopus, and green peas.

Mexican snack
Some Mexican restaurants offer fish tacos so if they do — try them. Fish tacos are a delicious snack made of pieces of talapia fish, black beans, rice, lettuce and tomatoes sandwiched between a tortilla.

Swedish/Jamaican Beverages
If you enjoy hot red wines then you should try Swedish Glogg prepared with hot red wine vo

dka, cloves, sugar, topped off with with cinamon sticks. Another delicious drink is the Jamaican sorrel beverage that is red like wine, sweet like a glogg but hint of ginger and prepared with Jamaican rum.

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