Diversity Event Partner

Unieros celebrates Diversity & Inclusion by hosting events that connect communities across cultures. Our mission is to build a network of diverse people from different cultural backgrounds who learn and explore culture, build relationships in fun social environment.

Businesses and organizations that value diversity can connect and partner with Unieros through collaborative multicultural events.

Unieros events have been held in restaurants, community centers, co-working spaces, art galleries, schools and retail stores. Our community is diverse with people from around the globe.

“We are more alike than unalike” – Maya Angelou

Unieros Multicultural Events Partnership Opportunities

Unieros Cultural Ambassador

Unieros Ambassadors are the face of diversity and culture. At Unieros events including dinners, picnics, bike rides our events ambassadors engage with guests to ensure everyone connects with new friends from different ethnic culture.

Unieros Network

Unieros hosts professional networking events focused on bringing together diverse multi-ethnic professionals in marketing, IT, business, and non-profit industries. At these networking events, organizations and businesses can find talented diverse professionals in a variety of industries.

Unieros Cares 

Charity and giving are at the heart of Unieros mission. We host special charity events that aim to connect Unieros friends to volunteer opportunities in the city when disaster strikes and to  help others in need. 

Unieros Multicultural Events –  Unieros signature events are organized around an ethnic culture theme. The events aim to connect ‘ambicultural’ people who want to share their culture while exploring others. Past signature Unieros events include Dances Around the World, a fashion show (American the Beautiful), a music concert (Roots,Rock,Reggae) and art exhibition called (ROOTS).

Consider becoming a Unieros partner and access multicultural audience that enjoys social events around food, music, art, film and dance.