About Unieros
Unieros Roots Rock Reggae Concert

Founded in 2004, Unieros website is a multicultural social community created to promote diversity and culture.

Unieros means ‘one love’ – coined from two words universal and eros, the Greek God of Love.

Unieros is a tribute to One Love song by  Jamaican reggae music legend Bob Marley, whose song celebrates people coming together from different cultural backgrounds.

In 2009, Unieros began hosting multicultural social events in Chicago to bring people together from different ethnic and racial backgrounds for cross-cultural exchange.

In November 2011, Chicago Sun Times wrote that “Unieros leverages the latest technologies to ensure that the cultural dialog grows richer” (Chicago Sun Times)

Today Unieros is expanding its technology to create unique multicultural events in cosmopolitan cities around the world.

Watch video highlights from past Unieros events.

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