About Unieros

Welcome to Unieros, an event company focused on celebrating our world’s diverse cultures. Our name combines “Universal” and Eros, the Greek god of love, to express our mission of promoting “One Love” through understanding and connection across cultures.

One Love, Many Cultures

We are passionate about uniting people of different backgrounds and helping them learn about each other’s traditions. Our events include tasty food tours, ethnic dining experiences, colorful multicultural festivals, and exciting world music shows. These events are designed for everyone, ensuring that anyone can participate and enjoy the rich cultural experiences we offer.

Join Unieros on this exciting cultural journey as we come together to appreciate the beauty of diversity and the power of “One Love.” Together, we can make our world a more connected and enjoyable place for all.


In 2004, Unieros website was built for multicultural enthusiasts. Later it evolved into a social community for people to celebrate their culture and diversity.

Unieros means One Love, and is coined to honor a song about unity by Jamaica’s reggae music legend Bob Marley.

Christine Brown, founder of Unieros

In 2009, Unieros hosted its first multicultural social event in Chicago. The event connected people from Africa, Asia, The Caribbean, Europe, and the Americas a night of art and music.

Today, Unieros multicultural events are held in cities across the world to unite people.

Watch highlight videos from past Unieros events.

Unieros introduction video

Join Unieros to socialize with people from around the world.